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U.S. Indoor & Parade Flags Sets

Indoor & parade U.S. flags are made from the finest quality 100% nylon flag material with a bright, glossy finish for a superb appearance.

Choice of 3x5' flag set with 8' pole or 4x6' flag set with 9' pole.

Each flag set is supplied ready to use and includes:

  • Nylon U.S. flag with embroidered stars and sewn strips.
  • Flag has pole hem with leather mounting tabs.
  • Flag is finished with gold fringe.
  • 1-1/4" diameter 2-piece oak pole with brass screw joint.
  • 7" Gold plated ABS styrene plastic eagle pole top ornament.
  • 12" Diameter shiny gold plated plastic floor stand.
  • Gold cord and tassels.
U.S. Indoor & Parade Flag Set Each
3x5' U.S. Flag Set with 8' Oak Pole $287.00
4x6' U.S. Flag Set with 9' Oak Pole $396.80

U.S. Indoor & Parade Flag with Pole Hem & Fringe Each
3x5' U.S. Indoor & Parade Flag Only $89.40
4x6' U.S. Indoor & Parade Flag Only $131.30

Mounting Set Only with Eagle - No Flag Each
8' Indoor & Parade Mounting Set with Eagle - No Flag $216.00
9' Indoor & Parade Mounting Set with Eagle - No Flag $267.50

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Indoor U.S. Flag Set

Mounting Set with Eagle

Oak Pole

Gold Cord and Tassles

7" ABS Plastic Eagle Ornament

12" Floor Stand