American Outdoor Flags

We only sell American flags that are 100% made in American.
Before you buy any American flag please make sure it is made in American.

Outdoor American Flags:
US Flag Fly Hem

The fly end hem is reinforced with four rows of lock stitching.

Larger flags have box stitched fly corners for extra durability.

US Flag Stars

Embroidered stars on flag sizes 2x3' - 12x18'.

Appliquéd stars on flag sizes 15x25' and larger.

US Flag Grommets

Flag sizes 2x3' - 6x10' are finished with #2 brass rolled rim tooth grommets.

US Flag Thimble

Flag sizes 8x12' and larger are finished with nylon rope through the canvas heading with galvanized thimbles to protect the rope ends.

Nylon American Flags:
Polyester American Flags:
Outdoor American Flag Prices:
Size Nylon Polyester
12x18" $18.00 N/A
2x3' $23.95 N/A
2½x4' $29.95 N/A
3x5' $35.95 $42.75
4x6' $47.95 $57.95
5x8' $73.95 $91.00
6x10' $107.00 $135.00
8x12' $190.00 $229.00
10x15' $295.00 $350.00
10x19' $317.00 $405.00
12x18' $385.00 $455.00
15x25' $620.00 $800.00
20x30' $800.00 $995.00
20x38' $925.00 $1150.00

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Determining Flag Size

This guide applies to in-ground flagpoles 20' and taller.

The size of the flagpole is what usually determines the correct size flag you should fly.

Most residential flags are 3x5' or 4x6'.  Most small commercials buildings use a 5x8' or 6x10' flag.  Larger buildings may require an 8x12' flag or larger.

Flag manufacturers recommend that the length of the flag should be at least one-forth the height of the flagpole.


Exposed Pole Height Flag Size Exposed Pole Height Flag Size
20' 3x5' 45' 8x12'
25' 4x6' 50' 10x15'
30' 5x8' 60' 12x18'
35' 6x10' 70' 15x25'
40' 8x12' 80' 20x30'

You may always fly a larger flag than what is recommended as long as your flagpole is designed for it.  However, be aware that "over flagging" a flagpole may damage the flagpole during high winds.  If you wish to fly an extra large flag consider flying a Nylon flag since it weighs less than a Polyester flag, especially when the flag is wet.  But flying a Nylon flag is still no guarantee that your flagpole will not bend during high winds.

Please see Flag Etiquette & FAQs for important information about flag care, flag life, flag holidays and flag etiquette.

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How Long Will A Flag Last?

That is a tough question with no exact answer.  One extremely winding day can damage a brand new flag made from the best flag material.

The U.S. Government generally expects a nylon or cotton flag to last about 90 days when the flag is displayed only from sunrise to sunset and when the flag is not displayed during bad weather.

Test have shown that a flag displayed 24 hours a day will only last one-fourth as long as a flag that is displayed only during daylight hours.

My experiences have found that a good quality outdoor flag, when properly displayed and maintained, will last 6 months to a year and possible longer.  But I have seen flags that are not cared for worn out in 30 days or less.

Generally speaking, the larger the flag the sooner it will wear out and winter months are harder on flags then summer months.

Nylon and polyester flags are best for outdoor use with polyester being better for high-wind areas.  In my option cotton flags should only be used for parade use or for indoor use when they are displayed out of direct sunlight.  Cotton flags tend to fade very quickly from sunlight, in some cases in as little as 30 days.

If your flagpole is light-weight in design, such as a telescoping or sectional residential flagpole, I suggest a nylon flag since it is not as heavy as a polyester flag and less likely to damage your flagpole in high winds.

Only you can extend the life of your flag by taking care of it and by trying not to display it during high-wind storms.  When your flag shows the first sign of wear have it repaired as soon as possible.  We will cut-off the torn fly end and re-sew a new hem for free.  The flag will become shorter in length so the sooner you have it repaired the less the flag will be shortened.

When it is worn out and ready for retirement PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A FLAG IN THE TRASH.  Most boy scouts and some VFW posts will gladly accept your American flags for retirement.  You may always give them to us for a proper retirement. 

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