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20' Aluminum Rope Halyard Sectional Flagpole

20 FT Sectional Flagpole Installation Instructions

20' exposed height.

2" outside diameter top-to-bottom.

Silver anodized, seamless aluminum tubing sections slide together providing a smooth exterior finish.

Sectional flagpole kit includes:

  • Four 2" diameter x 70" long aluminum flagpole sections.
  • 3" diameter gold anodized aluminum ball ornament.
  • Cast aluminum truck with pulley.
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard (rope).
  • 2 nylon flag snaps.
  • Cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws.
  • Heavy-duty ground sleeve.
  • Installation instructions.

3x5' maximum recommended flag size.  Flag is not included.

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20' Aluminum Telescoping Flagpole

20 FT Telescoping Flagpole Installation Instructions

Includes 3x5' U.S. nylon flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes.

20' exposed height.  Telescopes from 7' to 20' with push-button ease.

Display up to two flags or one flag at half-staff.

Silver anodized 16 gauge rust-proof 100% aircraft-grade aluminum.

Lower section 2-5/8" outside diameter.

The top section 1-1/2" outside diameter.

Low-friction telescoping mechanism works easily and requires no lubrication.

No rope to replace or that tangles.  No hardware to clang.  Flags fly freely without tangling.

Strong polycarbonate rotating flag collars with stainless steel flag clips that will never rust or corrode.

Locking ground sleeve collar helps deter theft yet still allows for portability

Simple to install by securing the 20" long PVC ground sleeve with cement.

Telescoping flagpole kit includes:

  • 20' aluminum flagpole with four telescoping sections.
  • 3x5' nylon U.S. flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes.
  • 3" diameter gold anodized aluminum ball ornament.
  • Polycarbonate swivel collar rings with stainless steel flag clips.
  • Double flag harness that allows the flying of two flags or one flag at half-staff.
  • Locking safety collars at each pole section.
  • 20" ground sleeve with locking collar and a protective cap to keep out debris.
  • Installation and user instructions.

Recommended maximum flag sizes: One or two 3x5', one 4x6' or one 5x8'.

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6' Aluminum Rotating Flagpole

The top of the pole rotates on ball bearings to help prevent the flag from tangling.

1" outside diameter.

2-piece pole screws together.

White painted finish.

3x5’ maximum flag size.

Flagpole includes:

  • 2 clear plastic flag fastener rings for flags with grommets.
  • A metal snap and swivel ring for flags with a pole sleeve.

$35.70 each

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Flagpole Brackets

Cast Aluminum for 1" outside diameter poles.

White Adjustable Bracket
$24.50 each

Silver Bracket
$15.90 each

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Halyard and Snaps

White Polyester Halyard (rope)
#8 (1/4") - 45¢ / FT
#10 (5/16") - 52¢ / FT
#12 (3/8") - 64¢ / FT

Nickel Plated Zinc Swivel Snap
3-1/2" Length
$5.10 each

Gray Vinyl Snap Cover
3-1/2" Length
$3.70 each

Nylon Snap
2-3/4" Length
$1.25 each

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