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Flags of the World

Ourdoor Flags of the World

Please Contact Us for prices on flags of the world.  Most flags of the world are available in sizes from 2x3FT to 6x10FT.

  • Outdoor flags of the world are made using the same high quality nylon material as the American flag.
  • Each Flag is finished with a white canvas heading with brass grommets.
  • Each flag may be converted to an indoor & parade flag finished with a pole hem and fringe.

Some countries have both a "Government" and a "Civil" flag.  Both of these flags are usually identical except that the Government flag has an emblem or official seal.  Civil flags in general are intended for use in or on private homes, clubs, commercial buildings, etc.

Indoor & Parade Flags of the World Flag Sets

Flag of the world are available as indoor and parade flag sets to match the U.S. indoor & parade flag set.

Flag of the World Display Etiquette

U.S. flag etiquette dictates that when displaying two or more nation's flags together that each flag should be on separate staffs of equal height and each flag should be approximately the same size.  International customs forbid displaying one nation's flag over another's flag on the same staff in times of peace.  Displaying one nation's flag over another's flag is a sign of war time victory and can be a serious insult.

In the United States the American flag takes the position of honor over all other flags and should be displayed to the left when viewed by the public with the remaining foreign country flags being displayed in alphabetical order.  The only exception to this rule would be the flags displayed at United Nations Building where the flags are all displayed in alphabetical order.  Please read paragraph 175(g) in the Flag Etiquette section for more information regarding foreign nation flag display.