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Blue Star Service Banners

Blue Star Service Banners are displayed by family members of those serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Also available with Gold Star at the same price as Blue Star.

Gold Star Service Banners are used to honor those that gave their life while serving in the Armed Forces.

Service Banners are fully sewn and will read correct on one side only.

Available in 3 sizes and with 1 to 4 stars.

Each banner includes:

  • Fully sewn banner made from high quality outdoor nylon flag material.
  • Gold fringed at the bottom.
  • Wood dowel crossbar with gold spear ends.
  • Gold hanging cord with tassels.
  • Suction cup hanging hook.
  • Made in American.

Size 1-Star 2-Star 3-Star 4-Star
8" x 12" $19.40 $21.90 $24.30 $26.60
10" x 14" $28.00 $30.00 $33.30 $35.50
12" x 18" $34.40 $36.60 $39.20 $41.40

Please specify banner size and number of stars with your order.

Blue Star will be shipped unless Gold Star is requested.

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