Pole Curtains or Porch Curtains

Pole Curtain

Pole curtains are commonly used on screened-in porches to help protect against the sun's heat and the wind.

They also help to stop the rain and snow from getting inside your porch and damaging your furniture and carpet.

They are very useful to enclose your porch for the winter so furniture can be left in place.  Which means no more having to find a place to store your patio furniture or having to staple plastic over your screens anymore.

Most pole curtains are made using Sunbrella awning fabrics.

Mesh fabrics are also available to use for sun and wind control only.

Pole curtains work best to keep the rain and snow out when then are mounted on the outside.

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Sometimes it isn't practical to mount pole curtains on the outside, like on this elevated porch.  - Outside View -

Pole Curtain
These pole curtains are mounted on the inside of an elevated porch.  - Inside View -

Pole Curtain
Twist fasteners are used to keep the curtains from blowing around in the wind.

Twist Fastener
This shows some mesh fabric pole curtains used to help block the late afternoon sun.

Mesh Pole Curtain

Installation Instructions

Curtain Installation Instructions

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