Frame Patio Canopies

Frame Canopy
What good is a patio or deck if it is too hot to use.

You can have a comfortable patio or deck that you can actually use when it is covered by a frame canopy.

And protect yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays that can cause cancer.

Frame canopies are practical for windy areas.

And unlike a retractable awning, you can use a frame canopy when it rains.

Sunbrella is our preferred awning fabric.  Unlike cotton based fabrics, Sunbrella will not shrink over time so it will fill well year after year.

Frame patio canopies are attached to the house and are held up at the front by support posts.

Frame Canopy
This is a typical frame canopy design with the fabric cover removed.  There was room to attached this canopy to the house below the gutter.  They can also be mounted to the wall.

The desired pitch of a frame canopy is 3" per foot or more.  However, as little as 1" per foot is possible.

The front of the canopy frame is usually 6½ to 7 feet above floor level.
The fabric cover is laced to the frame on three sides and should be removed for the winter months.

Frame Canopy
The frame is not designed to support a heavy snow load with the fabric cover installed.

Removing the fabric cover for the winter months will also help to extend the life of the fabric.

This frame is made from SCH 40 galvanized pipe.  Welded frame canopies are also available at a higher cost.

All frame canopies are custom made for each job.  I am sorry but a frame canopy cannot be shipped for a customer to install.  If you do not live in the Rockford, Illinois area please check your Yellow Pages under "AWNINGS & CANOPIES" for an awning dealer in your area.