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Aluminum Awnings

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LaPax has been manufacturing the highest quality aluminum awnings since the early 1960's.  And we have been a LaPax aluminum awning dealer for the Rockford, Illinois area since the early 1960's.

The LaPax aluminum awnings have a superior design, construction and finish which makes for an outstanding quality awning for today and the future.

Visit our Photo Album for more examples of aluminum awnings.

Why install LaPax aluminum awnings?

  • Stop the sun's heat outside to stay cooler inside.
  • Save money because your air conditioner will not have to work as hard.
  • Save money by helping to protect your furniture, floors and window treatments from fading from the sun.
  • Add beauty to your home or business.
  • Help protect you and your guests from rain while entering and leaving your home or business with a LaPax aluminum door awning.

LaPax aluminum awnings are built to last and are made in America from rugged Alcoa aluminum, the leading producer of aluminum in America.

The top and side slats are .025 thick.  The side rails are .051 thick and the top hanging rails are .064 thick.

The interlocking slats with rivet construction add additional strength and eliminates any possible noise so the awning is absolutely quiet and no rattling in the wind.

The sturdy construction of the LaPax aluminum awning has been proven, by wind tunnel tests, to not tear, rip or mutilate in any way during severe storms.

LaPax aluminum awnings are finished with the highest grade, baked-on exterior gloss enamel to ensure lasting beauty.  Will not chip or peel when exposed to all types of weather.

Louvered openings in the roof and side slats of window awnings which will help to allow heat to escape from under the awning.

The louvers also help to allow light to filter through but will still stop the sun's heat and glare.

Door awnings come without louvered openings to help keep you dry when it is raining.

Aluminum Window Awnings

Aluminum Door Awning

Louvers For Ventilation and Light

(Door awnings do not come with louvers)

LaPax Aluminum Awning Colors

Colors may be mixed to create feature stripes.  The undersides of the awnings are white regardless of the top color.

Dove Grey Sierra Clay Beige Autumn Brown Pueblo Red
Wakefield Green Ambassador Blue Black White Antique Ivory
Cream Hunter Red Wedgewood Blue Maroon Canyon Red

Colors above will only be as accurate as the device you are using to view them with.

Widths and Styles

LaPax aluminum awning widths start at 21 inches wide and increase in width in multiples of 4 inches.   Each additional roof slat will add 4 inches to the width and are only available in 4 inch wide increments.

LaPax aluminum awnings are available in four common window styles and one common door style.   However, many other heights and projections are available and some basic window style awnings may be used for door awnings when room allows.

The Standard Style

This style is designed for the average height windows where equal height and projection are desired.

The Regulation Style

This style is designed for the average height window where an extra large projection (out) is desired.

The 48 inch projection size could be used for over a standard 36 inch wide door when a greater pitch is desired and there is enough room about the door.

The 36 inch projection size could be used for over a smaller 32 inch wide door when a greater pitch is desired and there is enough room about the door.

The Hi-Boy Style

This style is designed for windows that are unusually high.

The Broadway Style

This style is designed for casement type windows.  Clearance for the opened window must be allowed for when installing the awning.

The 36 inch projection size could be used over a 32 inch wide door, like most back doors or garage service doors.

Door Awning Style

The Saratogo door awning must be installed a minimum of 8 inches above any door that opens out to prevent the door from hitting the underside of the awning when the door is opened.

The Saratoga door awning is self-supporting when properly installed.

The BROADWAY style awning above with a 36 inch projection could work as a door awning on smaller 32 inch wide doors.

The REGULATION style awning above with a 48 inch projection could work as a door awning as long as there is plenty of room above the door.

There are other awnning styles that may also be used over doors when room allows for a greater slope angle.

Door awnings are made without ventalation louvers in the slats to help keep you dry when it is raining.

Easy Installation

LaPax aluminum awnings are easy to install in minutes.

Attach the hanging rail above the window or door with appropriate screw fasteners, place the top of the awning into the hanging rail then attach the sides to the wall or window casing with appropriate screw fasteners.

LaPax aluminum awnings can be easily removed should you desire to recondition the building.

Local delivery and installation is available.


Sorry, shipping aluminum awnings are not available due to their size and shape.  Free local pickup or delivery is available.