Solair© Pro Retractable Awning System

Solair Pro Retractable Awning System

By Tri Vantage, LLC

Use your patio or deck on a hot day by covering it with comfortable shade in just minutes!

With just the turn of a hand crank or the simple touch of the optional electric motor's remote control the Solair Pro retractable awning will create attractive added outdoor living space for relaxation and entertaining.

And should the Solair Pro retractable awning also shading your patio doors or any windows then it will help to keep your home cooler, too!

Blake Awning is the Solair Retractable Awning dealer for the Rockford, Illinois area.  Should you live outside of the Rockford area we will be happy to sell you a Solair Retractable Awning and ship it for you to install.

To find a Solair Retractable Awning dealer in your area please visit this web site: and select "WHERE TO BUY" found near the top of the web page.

After 30 years, the Solair Pro Retractable Awning had a major design overhaul this year.  This included some product improvements, appearance updates and new arm sizes including a new 13 FT projection.

Click Here to download the NEW Solair Pro 2014 Manual & Installation Instructions (PDF file).

Click Here to download the Solair Pro 2012 Manual & Installation Instructions (30MB PDF file).

Click Here to download the old Solair Pro 2010 Installation Instructions & Component Parts Manual (PDF file).

Solair Pro Retractable Awning Features:

Solair Pro Retractable Awning Sizes:

Every Solair Pro retractable awning is custom made.

They are available in sizes from 10 to 30 foot wide with 6 arm sizes or projection out from the wall.

We recommend keeping the retractable awnings 20 foot wide or less and use 2 or more awnings for larger coverage.

The "Arm Size" is the approximate distance that the awning will extend away from the wall.

Arm Size Minimum Width
5’ 0" 10’
6’ 11" 10’
8’ 7" 10’
10’ 2" 12’
11’ 6" 13’
13’ 0" 14’

Solair Pro Retractable Awning Mounting Requirements:

Click Here to download the Solair Retractable Awning Measuring Guide. (a PDF File)

Please inspect the following to ensure:
Solair Pro Retractable Awning Location View
Mounting Height:

With a 7 feet front bar height the recommended wall mounting height is:

Arm Size or Projection 3" Pitch Ideal Bracket Mount Height 1" Pitch Minimum Bracket Mount Height
5’ 0" 8’ 3" 7’ 5"
6’ 11" 8’ 9" 7’ 7"
8’ 7" 9’ 2" 7’ 9"
10’ 2" 9’ 7" 7’ 10"
11’ 6" 9’ 11" 8’ 0"
13’ 0" 10’ 3" 8’ 1"

When determining the proper height to mount an awning on a wall, two factors must be considered:

The Solair Pro is factory set with a 15 degree pitch (this is also referred to 3” of drop per foot of projection).  The pitch helps water to run off the awnings if accidentally left out in the rain.  An awning’s pitch can be adjusted to a minimum of 5% (or 1”) of drop per foot of projection.  The "mounting height" refers to the height off the ground where the bottom of the brackets should be attached to the structure.

Should insufficient wall height for the proper pitch be available, insufficient wall space for the mounting brackets, or should you wish to use a canopy during windy days or when it is raining then a Frame Canopy may be the best solution to shade your deck or patio.

Solair Pro Retractable Awning Includes:

Sunbrella awning fabric is manufactured by Glen Raven Mills.  Sunbrella is a water and mildew resistant solution dyed woven acrylic fabric and it will hold their colors for many years.

To view the Sunbrella awning fabric colors visit the Sunbrella Fabric Showroom and click on the AWNING icon link.

Solair Pro Retractable Awning Frame Colors:

White Frame
Latte Frame
Sand Frame
Cocoa Frame

Solair Pro Retractable Awning Options:

We recommend that all Solair Pro retractable awnings should be motorized for ease of use.  You will use your Solair Pro retractable awning more often if you do not have to manually hand crank it in and out.

The addition of the optional easy to use Somfy electric motor with remote control will allow you to use your Solair Pro retractable awning with just the simple touch of a button.

You will find that you will use your Solair Pro retractable awning more often if you do not have to manually hand crank it in and out.

A manual override hand crank is included with the motor option so you can still retract your awning if you loose electricity.

Replacement Transmitters:
1-channel will control one awning.  5-channel will control up to 4 awnings.

1-Channel Telis RTS Patio Remote #1810643 - $90.00

5-Channel Telis RTS Patio Remote #1810645 - $125.00
Weatherproof Remote Transmitter

Weatherproof Remote Transmitter

The center button will stops the awning at any position.

Click Here to view and download Remote Transmitter Instructions.
With the electric motor option you may also wish to add the optional wireless wind sensor which mounts to the front bar.

This will automatically retract the awning when it detects wind generated movements.  The sensor is powered by 2 'AAA' batteries.

The wind sensor helps to protection to your awning and home from possible damage if you accidentally forget to retract your awning when it is windy.

Replacement Wireless Wind Sensor:
White Eolis WireFree RTS Wind Sensor #9014400 - $240.00

Off-White Eolis WireFree RTS Wind Sensor #1816083 - 240.00

Black Eolis WireFree RTS Wind Sensor #9013847 - $240.00
Wireless Wind Sensors

Wireless Wind Sensor
Click Here to view and download Wireless Wind Sensor Instructions.

Solair Pro Retractable Awning Warranty Information:

The Tri Vantage, LLC Solair Pro retractable awning limited warranty covers the awning framework to be free of defects in workmanship or materials for 10 years from the date of the original installation.

The warranty does not cover damage due to faulty installation, acts of God like ice, snow, hail, high winds, vandalism, neglect, or improper use.

Tri Vantage will not assume liability for any damage to the structure to which the awning is attached to or any damage to the property located underneath or near the awning.

Motorized Solair Pro retractable awnings include a 5 year warranty on the Somfy motor and a 1 year warranty on the electronic controls.

Solair Retractable Awning Recommended Usage Tips:

ALWAYS leave your Solair retractable awning in the stored position when you are not home.

NEVER leave your Solair retractable awning out during high winds or storms.

Solair retraceable awnings are designed for sun protection.  They are not designed to withstand high winds or heavy rain.

With an ideal pitch the awning may be used in a light rain but only if it is monitored at all times!

It is recommended that you do not use your Solair retractable awning in winds greater than 20 to 25 MPH.  Generally speaking, if it is too windy to read a newspaper comfortable outside then it is probably too winding to use your Solair retractable awning.

Company History:

Tri Vantage, LLC was established in 1876 and carries one of the most comprehensive and complete collections of fabrics, hardware and finishing supplies for the manufacture of awnings, patio canopies, porch curtains, boat covers, tarpaulins, and many other canvas products.  Visit Tri Vantage's web site at:

Glen Raven Mills, Inc was established in 1902 and manufactures quality products for textile and related industries throughout the world including the Sunbrella and Dickson solution dyed acrylic awning fabrics.  Visit Glen Raven’s web site at:

Somfy Systems, Inc is the world's largest manufacturer of specialized tubular motors, controls and sensors, and has been in business for nearly 30 years.  Visit Somfy’s web site at:

Blake Co., Inc is your local Rockford, Illinois dealer for Solair retractable awnings using Glen Raven fabrics and Somfy motors, controls and sensors.  "Blake Awning" has been family owned and operated since 1889.  You can expect only friendly, personal, and reliable service from us.